Product Description

Loctite Dri-Seal® 5061™ Product

Loctite Dri-Seal® 5061™ is a dry-to-touch non-curing, non-toxic aqueous based thread coating with instant high pressure sealing capabilities. It is normally used on taper or parallel threaded fasteners, fittings, plugs and pipe joints.

This product has excellent torque tension (lubricating) characteristics to aid assembly and can be applied either to the male or female components.

Loctite Dri-Seal® will not lock the threaded components, therefore disassembly is easy. Loctite Dri-Seal® 5061™ can be used to seal effectively on a wide variety of substrates including metals and plastics. This product passes EN 751, Part 2 which is the basis for the DVGW approval for gas installations and carries the KTW recommendation for cold and hot potable water.

Key Properties

  • Water based / environmentally friendly product
  • Replaces hemp and PTFE tape
  • High Pressure Instant Seal
  • Seals against most common fluids and gases
  • Meets OEM and Automotive Specifications
  • Seals in any position
  • Low on torque during assembly
  • No seizing during assembly
  • Excellent Lubricating properties
  • Long storage life on coated parts
  • Can be readjusted without loss of seal
  • Easy to disassemble with normal tools

Typical Properties of Loctite Dri-Seal® 5061™

Colour Light Blue
Instant Seal Yes
Sealing Capacity 150 bar
Lubricity Excellent
Max. Temp. 150°C
Stoarage Life Up To 4 years
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