Pre-Applied thread locking and coating has many advantages to the end-user with applications throughout the Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace and Furniture Industries. A brief summary of the main products are listed below, however, thread locking or sealing products are available for most applications.

Pre-Applied Technologies Ltd has the facility for fully automatic coating machines, which allow almost any size or shape of a bolt, screw, stud, plug, nut etc., to be applied with a permanent thread locking system including PATlok N11 Nylon patch, Loctite Dri-Loc® and Loctite Dri-Seal® products. Each product has it's own advantages and the Technical details for these can be found in the Products section.


  • Ready for assembly
  • No human error during assembly
  • Can be adjusted and reused after assembly (Nylon only – excellent for service applications)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Vibration resistant
  • Ease of automation
  • Dry to touch coating
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Reduced component costs and assembly time
  • Any fastener becomes a self locking / self sealing fastener
  • Long shelf life
  • Used for both hard and soft metals and surfaces
  • Seals thread connection and prevents against corrosion (Loctite Dri-Loc® and Loctite Dri-Seal® only)
  • Anti-tamper facility (Loctite Dri-Loc® only) – leaves a white residue if the fastner is removed

How does it work?

The most effective way of stopping connections from coming loose is to prevent movement in all directions.

It is also better to use a thread locking system added before assembly when account has to be taken of other requirements such as reduced costs, improved production, improved quality and functionality.

The thread locking system is activated during assembly and fills the space between the threads, thus combating movement in the thread.

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